Sunday, 31 March 2013

Leibster Blog Award

A big thank you to the lovely Dannielle from D is for... who tagged/ nominated my blog for a Leibster Blog Award, such a nice surprise especially after a week´s break from my updating my blog for my Easter holiday. This blogging malarky is pretty fun! Apparently Leibster is German for ´beloved´ and the idea of it is to promote awareness and recognition of new bloggers. So everyone is a winner really, yay!

So, here are the rules that I will dutifully abide by:
1. Share 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the person who tagged you asked.
3. Choose 11 blogs to nominate - they must have less than 200 Google Friend Connect Followers and tell them via comment on their blog.
4. Ask their 11 questions.
5. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Ok let´s see... 11 things about me. 

1. I´m a big fan of Wigan Rugby League.
2. I´m getting married this year on......Friday 13th September. Yes really, superstition is being thrown outta the window.
3. I used to work in Monsoon and I´m getting most of my family´s wedding clothes from there including my dress.
4. I have a BA in English Literature and I love reading
5. I learnt how to practise TM (Transcendental Meditation)
6. I am very allergic to avocados. They make me vomit and writhe around on the floor in agony. Avoid.
7. My guilty pleasure is Girls Aloud. I love them, especially Kimberley.
8. I cycle to work and never drive although I have a legal licence. Luckily the city I live in has cycle paths all over it.
9. My favourite newspaper is the Guardian, although I should spent more time reading it rather than online shopping/ browsing.
10. I love doing cross stitch as its very relaxing.
11. My friends and workmates don´t know that I blog!

Here are my answers to Dannielle´s questions:

What is your biggest fear? Something bad happening to one of my family. I don´t live in the UK anymore and sometimes feel too far away.
If you had to be a character from any film for a day, who would it be and why? That´s difficult, hmmm... what about Marie Antoinette in Sofia Coppola´s film, big frilly frocks, macarons, flouncing around the gardens. It would have to be a day before all it all kicked off in France though obviously!
Do you know exactly where you want to be in 5 years time? More relaxed, happily married, and with a few kiddies!
Would you rather go shopping for lots of cheaper things or a few expensive things? That´s difficult as I love bargains, but sometimes expensive treats are worth it! If its clothes then lots of cheaper things, if its cosmetics or make up then expensive things.
Have you got any nicknames? Not really, maybe some that out of context would sound odd so I won´t bother writing them! 
If you had to create your own business what would it be? A coffee shop with a reading and creative writing corner by day which becomes a  wine bar with stand up comedy and bands in the evening.
What did you dress up as for Halloween last year? (And if you didn't dress up, what wouldyou have dressed up as?) I was a vampiress. I wanted to go as Lady Macbeth but I left it to the last minute and couldn´t sort it out. Maybe next time...
Are you going on holiday this summer? Yes, for my honeymoon, Im not sure where we´re going yet, maybe the Greek Islands, or maybe Thailand. 
What's top of your bucket list? I must be completely out of touch as I had to google that, OK, things to do before I die...well I could say write a book, see the Taj Mahal,  etc but I don´t really like to set those types of goals, I´d just like to be wonderfully happy, make the right decisions and not have any regrets when it ends. 
Do you prefer nights in or nights out? Nights out, especially in the summer and especially the unplanned ones you just go along with which end up being the most fun. Nights in when you are tired and have a good film and some decent wine are great too though.
What never fails to make you smile? Being tickled.

My turn to make questions for my nominees:
1. What was your first word?
2. What would be your ideal job?
3. What literary character do you most identify with?
4. If a big bag of money to spend on only one clothes item what would you buy?
5. What language would you speak if you could learn any others?
6. What´s your earliest memory?
7. What´s your guiltiest pleasure?
8. Do you belive in karma?
9. What´s your favourite expression or saying?
10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?
11. Why did you start blogging?

And finally here are my nominees:

Cutwork trend

I love the cutwork trend this spring, especially on bags and purses. It´s a bit of a reoccuring theme and I think it adds a bit of interest to otherwise simple things. 
Large bag from Oasis.
Link here (£40 from Asos)

Clutch purse from New Look.
Link here (£12.99 from Asos)

Cutwork bead top from Topshop
Link here (£36.00)

Dress from Blancosuite.
Link here (17,99 €)

Pink skirt from New Look
Link here (£16.99)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Miranda Kerr jacket

I´m a little bit delighted with my latest purchase from Mango, the suede light beige jacket you have probably seen with the uber-gorgeous Miranda Kerr. It didn´t disappoint when I saw it instore and I tried it on and knew it had to come home with me. And its real leather and only 59.99 Euros so not bad at all. As there is still no sign of spring, not even a single ray of sunshine, just heavy rain and snow back home in the UK, I will get lots of wear out of this little jacket. Something interesting to know is that it comes in various colours, including pale pink, so for me it´s a case of resisting further temptation! There is a pleated coral skirt I have my eye on too. Tell me your thoughts, have you bought anything from Mango recently? I hope you enjoy Easter, I´ll be back next weekend. 

Estoy un poco encantado con mi última adquisición de Mango, la chaqueta de ante en beige claro que seguramente hayáis visto con el tan-guapa-que-es-ridículo Kerr Miranda. No me decepcionó cuando lo vi en directo y en cuanto  que me lo probé, supe que tenía que venir a casa conmigo. Y su piel auténtica y sólo 59,99 Euros, así que no está mal en absoluto! Como todavía no existe un signo de la primavera, ni siquiera un solo rayo de sol, sólo fuertes lluvias y incluso nieve en mi pueblo de Reino Unido, pues voy a tener un montón de uso de la chaqueta. Algo interesante es saber que viene en varios colores, como rosa pálido, así que para mí es un caso de resistir la tentación de más! Para ahora hay una falda plisada coral tengo fichado. A ver que piensa mi hermana quien me visita este semana santa. Dime tus pensamientos, te he comprado nada de Mango recientemente? Espero que paséis un buen semana santa, vuelvo el fin de semana que viene! 

Here it is!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Review: Chanel Poudre Universaille/ Loose Powder

Well if you can´t splash out on luxury products for your wedding when can you? This is a beautiful powder that sets your make up, gives your skin a silky smooth look and feel, and leaves you shine free all day. You have to apply it very lightly, just a sprinkling to set your face. It´s a surprisingly huge tub that with the classic Chanel black and gold packaging, and it looks gorgeous on your dressing table. I bought this in 30 Naturel- Translucent 2 as I found, despite being very fair, the lightest tone (Clair) was too chalky white for my skin tone. As this is a pretty expensive loose powder, it´s Chanel darling after all, I wouldn´t buy it for everyday use, but it you have a special event, why not? If you´re serious about your face powder, it will last ages and it´s a lovely finely-milled quality. I use a kabuki brush to apply it as I can blend it in better, if you prefer you can use the very soft puff applicator if you want to pat the powder onto your face instead. It´s a gorgeous product, weightless, natural and makes the skin look healthy. 

Bueno, si no se puede gastar en productos de lujo para su boda cuando se puede? Este es un hermoso polvo que fija el maquillaje, le da a su piel un aspecto suave y sedoso, y te deja sin brillo todo el día. Hay que aplicarlo muy a la ligera para evitar que se da a la piel un aspecto acartonado, aunque el acabado es mas bien satinado. El producto es sorprendentemente enorme que con el embalaje clásico de Chanel en negro y oro, se ve hermosa en su tocador! Compré esto en 30 Naturel-Translucent 2 como encontré el tono más claro, Clair, era demasiado blanca para mi tono de piel (aunque soy muy rubita). Como se trata de un polvo suelto bastante caro yo no lo compraría para el uso diario, pero si tienes un evento especial, ¿por qué no? Yo aplico con un broche de kabuki aunque viene con una esponjita para aplicarlo  muy suave y bonita. Es un producto magnífico, sin peso, natural y hace que la piel luzca saludable.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I like kimonos as they´re perfect for a spring and summer cover up. They´re light and elegant and give us a break from jackets and blazers. Here are my favourite picks in the shops at the moment. What do you think?

Me gustan los kimonos, son ideales para el entretiempo de primavera o taparse en los noches de verano. Son ligeros y elegantes y nos dan un descanso de las chaquetas y blazers. Aquí están mis selecciones favoritas en las tiendas en este momento. ¿Te gustan?

59,95 EUR from Zara

39,95 EUR from Zara

22.99 € from Pull & Bear

£27.50 by A Wear at Asos

Review: Benefit´s High Beam

I´ve always applied this over my cheekbones or under my brow bone and thought it´s a nice subtle highlighter with a gorgeous pale pinky pearly sheen. The texture is light and liquidy and its so easy to blend. The little bottle retails at about £18.50 but it lasts for ages. I think I will get Sunbeam soon, its a ´golden bronze´ version perfect for the summer. I also really like Bobbi Brown´s shimmerbrick, a lovely luxurious highlighter I had in tone beige which I once dropped on the bathroom floor and the rest is history.  Anyway as Benefit´s High Beam is so satiny and liqudy I discovered the trick of mixing a little into my foundation before applying it to the face. I don´t know why I only just starting doing this, I suppose I had always though it might end up looking ridiculously shiny. I was wrong! This is great little trick, it gives the skin a healthy glow when it catches the light, mix a little in on the back of your hand and then ta-da: instant radiance! Have you tried it? 

Siempre me he aplicado este sobre los pómulos o debajo de la cejas y pensaba que era un marcador bonito que tiene una hermoso brillo rosado nacarado. La textura es liquido y  ligero, y es tan fácil aplicar y extender. La botella dura mucho tiempo. Lo quiero comprarme Sunbeam también  es un tono dorado ´golden bronze´ perfecto por los meses de verano.También me gustan mucho los shimmerbrick de Bobbi Brown, son iluminadores preciosos de lujo, de lo cual yo tenia en tono Beige y una vez me ha caído en el suelo del baño y el resto es historia. Bueno he tenido mas suerte con High Beam de Benefit, y últimamente he descubierto el truco de mezclar un poco con el base de maquillaje en liquido. Yo no sé por qué sólo acaba de empezar haciendo esto, supongo que siempre imaginaba que podría dar aspecto de cara demasiado brillante y ridículo. Pero que va! Solo hay que mezclar una poquito con el base maquillaje, aplicarlo a la cara y toma! Este pequeño truco es genial, que da a la piel un brillo saludable cuando se capta la luz. ¿Lo has probado?
Purchase here or from the Boots site.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Review: Estee Lauder doublewear foundation and concealer

After loving my free sample of this foundation I pounced on it when it was on offer in a Spanish cosmetics store recently (see here). It´s a very special, super long-lasting foundation that gives me a flawless and even complexion. I think it has become my new favourite. Thinking about foundations for my wedding, I had tested Guerlain´s Parure Extreme, Make Up Forever´s HD Foundation and Revlon´s Colorstay Foundation, but this is the one that outperformed them all. I had to buy the concealer too which made my purchase notably more expensive but wow, its worth it. I got it in the lightest tone to use over imperfections and under my eyes. It´s creamy and give full coverage. The doublewear range from Estee Lauder is worth all the hype. Although I use Bourjois´s Healthy Mix or Lilylolo´s mineral foundation during weekdays, this product is ideal for going out at the weekend or special occasions, you could wear it every day but I think for me I prefer something lighter. So to conclude, its up there with the best foundations, I´d give it an A*. The only thing is I need to see how it photographs as it has a SPF10, if I see that my face has a white cast on photos I´m afraid I´m back to square one. Please share your thoughts, what do you think the perfect foundation is?

Después de enamorarme a mi muestra gratis de esta base me abalancé sobre él cuando estaba en oferta en la tienda Aromas de cosméticos españoles recientemente. Es un base de maquillaje muy especial, super duradero que me da un cutis perfecto y uniforme. Creo que se ha convertido en mi nuevo favorito. Pensando en bases de mi boda, yo había probado Parure Extreme de Guerlain , Make Up Forever HD y el base de Revlon ColorStay, pero esta es la que superó a todos. Tuve que comprar el corrector también, lo cual hizo que mi compra notablemente más caro, pero sin duda vale la pena. Lo tengo en el tono más claro de usar para tapar las imperfecciones y aplicar por el contorno de los ojos. Es cremoso y da una cobertura total. La gama doublewear de Estee Lauder se merece su buena fama. Aunque yo uso Bourjois Healthy Mix o el base Lilylolo de mineral durante los días de semana, este producto es ideal para salir los fines de semana o en ocasiones especiales, se podría usar todos los días, pero creo que para mí, prefiero algo más ligero día a día  Así que para concluir, su altura de los mejores bases, que le daría una nota de 10. Lo único es que tengo que ver cómo se retrata como tiene un SPF10, si veo que mi cara tiene un tono blanco en las fotos, temo que estoy de vuelta al punto de partida. Por favor comparta sus pensamientos, ¿qué crees que es la base perfecta?

Estee Lauder is availables here at Boots, here at Selfrides, or here on the official webpage.

Monday, 18 March 2013


I love writing down my thoughts, making wish lists, lists of books to read, lists of the things to do, organising my weeks, and occassionally when I have a creative burst of energy, writing poems. I have accumulated lots of notebooks for this reason. Here they are! Anyone else have a bit of a collection going on? 

Me encanta escribir mis pensamientos, hacer listas de deseos, listas de libros para leer, listas de cosas para hacer, organizar mis semanas, y ocasionalmente cuando tengo un estallido de energía creativa, escribir poemas. He acumulado un montón de cuadernos por esta razón. ¡Aquí están! ¿Alguien más tiene un poco de una colección?

From left to right: The Great British Bake Off, and both from Paper Place

From left to right: Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater, Paperchase

Friday, 15 March 2013

Review: Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush

I trust Lisa Elridge a lot, so much that I bought this blush without even seeing it or trying it first, this or any Daniel Sandler product. Lisa recommends it in her video for ´summer rose´ bridal look. It contains silicones so it glides on and promises great lasting power. I bought it in the shade cherub which is a universally flattering soft rose tone that gives a pop of colour. When the bottle came I saw that it needs a good shake before you use it, as it separates a little. It´s quite watery so you can apply with a brush or stroke it on the apples of your cheeks with fingers like I do. The colour is pretty, its similiar in texture and tone to Benefit´s Posie Tint, and it certainly lasts all day providing your skin isn´t too oily. I think I will go ahead and use this on my wedding day with care taken to blend it in properly as its more difficult to do so than with a blush powder. I do like the way powder blushes sit on the skin though for a more matte look so I prefer to use a bit of Benefit´s Dandelion on top. Meanwhile I´m thinking of using this product for the beach to see if it really is water-proof and budge-proof. Have you ever tried any Daniel Sandler products? What do you think of liquid blushers?

Confío en Lisa Elridge mucho, tanto que me he comprado este colorete sin ni siquiera verlo o probarlo primero, este o cualquier otro producto de Daniel Sandler. Lisa se ​​lo recomienda en su video para novias 'rosa de verano´. Contiene siliconas por lo que se desliza y promete gran poder duradero. Lo compré en la sombra ´cherub´ o querubín que es un tono rosa suave universalmente halagador que le da un toque de color. Cuando la botella de vino que vi que se necesita una buena sacudida antes de usarlo. Se puede aplicar con un pincel o ligeramente con los dedos sobre los mejillas como yo. El color es bonito, un poco similar en textura y tono de tinte Posie del Benefit, y ciertamente dura todo el día. Creo que voy a seguir adelante y utilizar esto en mi día de la boda con cuidado para mezclar correctamente porque es más difícil de hacerlo que con un polvo de rubor. Me gusta los coloretes en liquido en la piel, aunque para un aspecto más mate así que prefiero usar un poco de ´Dandelion´ de Benefit en los pómulos  ¿Alguna vez ha tratado de cualquiera de los productos de Daniel Sandler? ¿Qué piensa de coloretes líquidos?
Purchased from or you can buy it here from the official Daniel Sandler website here

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wedding box

This is my secret box with my invitations ready to be addressed and sent and a few more bits and pieces, like my home made confetti cut from an old copy of one of my favourite books, Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. There´s my something old too, a clutch from Monsoon that I´ve had for a about ten years. I´m thinking of using it on the big day as a place to keep mints, make up and tissues. I also made the tag ready to attach to the wedding card birds cage. I have another box with things for the wedding favours, and another with bridal make up! This is the part of planning I love. Have you got more any useful advice for a bride in training?

Os dejo ver la caja secreta que guarda mis invitaciones listas para ser dirigida y enviada y unas cosas mas, como el confetti cortada de unos de mis libros favoritos, Far from The Madding Crowd de Thomas Hardy. Hay tambien mi ´something old´, un clutch de la tienda Monsoon que he tenido durante unos diez años. Estoy pensando en usarlo en el día grande como un lugar para guardar las mentas y maquillaje. También hice la etiqueta listo para poner en la jaula de pajaros donde se mete las cartas. Tengo otra caja con cosas para los regalos para los invitados, y otro con maquillaje de novia! Esta es la parte de la preparativos que disfruto mas! ¿Tienes algún consejo más útil para una novia?

I bought my whimsical wedding invitations at vistaprint

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Surprise gifts

I got an unexpected gift from my fiance today. On a wet and dreary Tuesday morning it´s cheered me up! It´s a silver necklace with a Swarovksi crystal drop pendant. Pretty, isn´t it?

Recibí un inesperado regalo de mi novio hoy. En un martes por la mañana llovioso y triste que me ha animado! Es un collar de plata con un colgante gota de Swarovksi cristal. Bonito, ¿verdad?

Monday, 11 March 2013

If it ain´t broke don´t fix it

Mercadona is pretty great. It´s a Spanish supermarket that does a good line of cosmetics (Deliplus) and they perform well and are cheap as chips.I picked up today their oil cleanser Gold Progress, their cleansing micelar water, a purple shampoo for highlighted hair, a facial fake tan and an eyelid primer all for less than 20 euros! Reviews coming soon. Do you have any supermarket favourites? 

Ole por Mercadona. Su linea de Deliplus da buen gusto, sus productos en general hace buen trabajo y sigue baratisimo de precio! Hoy me compre su Gold Progress Aceite Desmaquillante, Agua Limpiadora Micelar, Champu violeta que matiza las mechas, Crema Autobronceador Facial y su Prebase Parpados. Todo por menos que 20 euros! Mas adelante escribo reviews. ¿Tienes favoritos de la linea de Deliplus?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Review: Guerlain Meteorite Pearls Teint Rose

Swoon. Love them. Such a luxurious and ridiculously girly addition to anyone´s make up bag. They are pink, white, yellow, green and lavender balls. Each colour beautifies the complexion in a certain way, for example the pink evens out skintone and the green reduces redness. They are so easy to apply, its all about the swirling. You swirl a brush over them and then swirl over your face, the effect is instant radiance and a delicate glow to your complexion. Remember that it isn´t a highlighting powder,  its a very subtle finishing powder that leaves the skin satiny smooth and luminous, with tiny sparkly particles. I can´t sing it´s praises enough! It also looks gorgeous and glamourous on your dressing table. Oh and the lavender smell is lov-er-ly!  Treat yourself! There are three tones, including Teinte Beige and Teinte Doree for slightly more golden hues. I think for fair skins Teint Rose is perfect. 

Dios, estoy enamorada. Es una adición de mi coleccion de maquillaje lujoso y ridículamente femenina. Son bolitas de color rosa, blanco, amarillo, verde y lavanda. Cada color embellece el cutis de una manera determinada, por ejemplo la rosa iguala tono de piel y el verde reduce el enrojecimiento. Son tan fáciles de aplicar, es todo acerca de la arremolinada. Usted remolino un pincel sobre ellos y luego remolino en la cara, el efecto es instantáneo resplandor y un brillo delicado. Recuerde que no es un relieve en polvo, es un polvo muy sutil acabado satinado que deja la piel suave y luminosa, y tiene purpurina finísimo. No puedo cantar alabanzas lo suficiente! También se ve hermosa y glamorosa en su tocador. Ah, y el olor de la lavanda que tiene es tan lindo! Date un capricho! Hay tres tonos, incluyendo Teinte Beige y Doree Teinte para tonos un poco más de oro. Creo que para pieles claras Teint Rose es perfecto.

You can purchase Guerlain meteorites here or here

Friday, 8 March 2013

Review: Lóreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

In the beauty world it seems like lately oil is everything. We dab it into our faces before we sleep, we aply it over our bodies after showering and now we´re adding to our hair in a quest for healthy hair. Im already a big fan of Khiels Midnight Recovery which I reviewed here, I talked about how I love the feeling of the oils seeping into my skin, well surely they could work their magic into my hair too. I picked up this quite new product from Loreal Elvive, Extraordinary Oil. At 10 euros in a large, quite elegant looking 100ml glass bottle it seemed a good deal. It contains a blend of 6 precious flower extracts, and promises to give hair a glowing shine, make it feel intensely nourished, and flow with a silky softness.  

En el mundo de la belleza últimamente parece que el aceite es todo. Estamos aplicándolo a la cara antes de dormir, extendiendolo por el cuerpo después de salir de la ducha, y ahora poniéndolo en el pelo para conseguir una melena sana. Ya soy gran fan de Midnight Recovery de Khiels, reviewed aqui. Hable sobre como me encanta sentir los aceites absorbiendo en la piel, pues seguramente tienen efecto en el pelo también. Me compre este nuevo producto de Loreal Elvive, Aceite Extraordinario Oleo. Contiene 6 aceites de flores preciosas, y dice es un ´tratamiento sublimador del cabello´ dando ´vitalidad produgiosa, cabello sedoso´ y un ´toque luminoso´. 

Buy it here from Boots

I began using the oil in the same way as I would with a serum or finishing producut, rubbing it over the ends when I had dried my hair, although you can also use it before blow-drying as a protective treatment. It does give the promised shine, my hear gleamed in the light without looking greasy. I also love the smell, it has a floral perfumey scent that I think isn´t overwhelming. Another way you can use it is as a pre-wash treatment, I found this made my hair silkier and more manageable. I hope it´s not just the silicones (yes, it does contain them..) I hope its penetrating my hair and giving a bit of deep hydration, much needed after years of highlights and addictive GHD use! I will be able to tell after months of use, so will keep you updated. The other similiar products I would like to to try in the future, and that dont contain those pesky silicones, are Khiels Magic Elixir and Kerastase Elixir Ultime. But then again, they are much pricier so I will wait and see if this one can give me healthier, stronger hair with long term use, but for the moment I´m a happy bunny as this product makes my hair glossy, smooth and smelling great.  Have you tried it, or any similar product?

Comencé a usar el aceite de la misma manera como lo haría con un producto serum, frotándola sobre los puntos cuando me había secado el pelo, aunque también se puede usar antes de secarlo como tratamiento protector. Se da el brillo prometido, el pelo brilla a la luz sin tener aspecto grasiento. También me encanta como huele, tiene un olor floral sutil. Bueno, otra manera de utilizarlo es como un tratamiento de prelavado, encontré esto hizo que mi pelo más sedoso y manejable. Espero que no se trata sólo de las siliconas (sí, sí contiene ellas ..) Espero que también esta penetrando el pelo y dando un poco de hidratación profunda, muy necesario después de años de mechitas y el uso de GHD adictivo! Solo os puedo confirmar después de mas meses de uso, por lo que os mantendremos informados. Los otros productos semejantes que me gustaría probar en el futuro, y eso que no contiene los malditos siliconas, son Khiels Magic Elixir y Elixir Ultime de Kerastase. Pero, son bastante más caros para el bolsillo, así que esperaremos a ver si esto de Loreal me puede dar  cabello más saludable y fuerte con el uso a largo plazo, pero por el momento estoy contentísima ya que este producto hace que mi cabello este brillante y suave y huele divina. Dime, ¿lo has probado, o un producto similar?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Beauty wish list

I love all the smoky eyes and plum and berry lips you can wear in winter but as soon as spring is around the colour I start thinking about golden skin, coral blushes and pinky lip gloss. I fancy some hair tongs too with a thicker barrel for making looser waves. Here are just few things on my list!

Me encanta el maquillaje de invierno, ojos ahumados y labios con colores vino o ciruela, pero en cuanto siento las primeras rayas del sol de primavera empiezo a pensar en pile dorada, coloretes en color coral y brillo de labios en tonos rosas. Me encantaría comprarme un rizadora de pelo también para ondular el pelo. Aquí están unas cosas de mi wish lish. 

Clinique bottom lash mascara

Nars blush in Torrid

Revlon Colorburst Lip butter in Raspberry Pie

Boots No7 Skin Illuminator

Bourjois 3D Lipcolour in Framboise Magnific 23

BaByliss 2289U Glamour Waves Curling Tong

Ravishing by Mac

Guerlain Attrape Coeur 501

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

home additions

Here are a few additions to my flat from last weekend. 
Aquí pongo unas adicciones a mi piso del fin de semana pasado.

I´m pleased with these vintage feel cushions for my sofa from Casa.
Estoy muy contenta con estos cojines para mi sofa de la tienda Casa.

These huge candles are currently on offer in Zara Home for 9.99 euros!
¡Estas velas gigantes estan de oferta ahora en Zara Home por 9,99 euros!

I also picked up this candle holder in a similiar pale green colour from Casa.
Tambien encontre este portavela en un tono verde claro de Casa.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

a few Mango purchases

It´s quite a pleasure to step into Mango these days, their Spring collection is nice and  classic, you must have seen all the ads around town. Shame though when I tried on a few things I didn´t turn into Miranda Kerr...

Da gusto entrar en Mango estos días, su colección de primavera es muy bonito y clásico  Seguro que hais visto los anuncios por las ciudades en todos partes. Que pena que cuando me probé la ropa no me convierto en Mirando Kerr...

I took home this bag, its nothing special, just a decent everyday bag that will combine with everything for spring.

Lleve a casa este bolso, esta bien sin ser especial, es un bolso simple para todos los días que combina con todo para la primavera.

Purchase from Mango here
I also bought this little top that I think will look nice with jeans and later on, denim shorts.

Tambien me compre este top que creo que combina perfecta con pitillos o con shorts de vaquero. 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Wedding day perfume

I like the idea of using a new perfume on your wedding day so that every time you wear it after it brings back memories of your special day. I´ve been trawling perfume shops spritzing and spraying, asking for samples, and then consequently getting home and forgetting which one was which. So after considering the ubiquitous and chic Miss Dior and Chloe,  in the end I decided to go back to one I´ve always liked and always wished I had. It´s the EDP For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, a simple pink bottle and long lasting and 
very feminine fragrance. This is what Sephora says:

Introducing a new fragrance of seduction and femininity - a warm, enveloping way to wear Narciso Rodriguez on the skin. Musc is at the heart of For Her Eau de Parfum. The fragrant harmony of the musc expressed itself through three pulsations; pink floral, soft amber, and voluptuous woods. It develops gently, slowly rounding out into the warm tones, dusted in a soft, velvety sensuality.

Pink Chypre, Pink Floral, Voluptuous Woods, Soft Amber, Sheer Chypre, Flower Honey, Tactile Woods, Amber Light.
Seductive. Feminine. Velvety.

Me encanta el idea de llevarse un perfume nuevo en el día de tu boda para que después cuando lo llevas vas recordando de tu día especial. Estaba mirando y echando perfumes por semanas en varias perfumerías  y pidiendo muestras y aplicando diferentes perfumes en tiras de cartón, solo cuando llego a casa olvido cual era cual. Decidí en no coger el de Chloe o Miss Dior, aunque son preciosos y chic, sino decidí en comprarme uno que siempre me ha encatado- EDP For Her por Narciso Rodriguez, es un simple botella rosa y tiene un oler duradero y tan femenina. 

Lo que dice Aromas-

Una fragancia elegante, sensual, misteriosa y suave. Un corazón de almizcle exaltado por 3 facetas : floral, ambarina y amaderada. Un frasco con un corazón negro de líneas depuradas. Un estuche rosa suave.


 Un perfume ámbar, maderoso para la mujer moderna. Transmite sofisticación, intriga y sensualidad.Primeras notas de flor de miel, flor de naranjo y amberlyn, vainilla

Carmen Kass giving good face.

Buy it here

ve also heard there´s a hair mist to go with it...
Have you tried Her by Narciso Rodriguez? What fragance would you wear on your wedding day?

Escuche que hay un spray para el pelo del mismo...
¿Lo has probado? ¿Que fragancia te gustaría para tu boda?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Tribal spring

I can´t say I´m a huge fan of the ethnic trend that has resurfaced again this spring, I think I´m tired of seeing it and it can look a bit... scruffy? Having said that there are some things in the shops have a tribal edge but are still feminine and a bit gorgeous! What do you think?

No soy gran fan de la tendencia etnica que ha reaparecido en las colecciones otra vez este primavera, creo que estoy cansada de verlo, y hay muchas prendas de este rollo que son un poco grunge para mi gusto. Sin embargo hay cosas con un toque tribal en las tiendas que sigue siendo femininas y muy bonitas! ¿Que piensas?

29.90 €