Friday, 12 July 2013

Zara sales mini haul

It´s July in Seville and that means a heavy, suffocating heat descends upon the city and embeds itself into the atmosphere until about mid September. And when I say heat I mean anything between 35 and 45 degrees for the best part of the afternoon. pretty grim! So people start to hibernate indoors and sit under the airconditioning until it cools down slightly in the evening. One great thing however about this month is that on the 1st of July the Zara webpage sale springs into life and suddenly my bank cards appear and get a battering as I greedily grab all the goodies I´ve had my eye on during the season. So, here you are- my haul so far!

I love the pumpkin colour coat as I think it will be nice for in-between seasons, and its also a very classic, lady-like shape! I snapped the bag up as I think a black leather bag is never lost, and I love the gold chain detail. And the ethnic blazer is quite eye-catching and a bit of a statement piece. I saw it on a few bloggers and wanted it so much but couldn´t quite justify the price so I jumped to buy it when I saw it instore in my size, there was one left! And half price! I love a bargain. I´m thinking about teaming it will an all black look and some gold accessories!

And I also picked up two rather pretty tops. The first one is a sort of delicate lacey top in soft beige, which I liked because I like tops that have a sort of romantic, vintage look. The other is a sheer ivory top with lovely detail around the collar part.