Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Birthday presents

I blogged a few days ago about turning thirty and how it makes you re-think about how you look and your attitude to looking after yourself. One great thing about this milestone of a birthday is you get great presents!! Mine included my Michael Kors watch, new additions to my Pandora bracelet and some lovely Swarovski earrings. I love my jewellery as you can see! I´m so grateful (*soppy mode on*) to my wonderful family, fiance and friends. 

Hace unos días escribí sobre cumplirse treinta años pero lo bueno de llegar a tener treinta añazos es que te regalan cosas maravillosas! Mis regalos han incluido este reloj de Michael Kors, unas adiciones a mi pulsera de Pandora y unos pendientes de Swarovski! Estoy super agradecida a mi familia, novio y amigas, me encantan todo!  


  1. Lots of beautiful presents!

    I have a Pandora bracelet with very similar charms and I really want a Michael Kors watch!




  2. Thanks sweetie, I hope you get your watch! I love it, so chunky and blingy!! xx